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Rudi Hoffman

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Non U.S. Cryonics Requirements


We do have a very high quality life insurance company that MAY write life insurance policies suitable for funding your cryonic suspension.

However, there are some very strict and NONNEGOTIABLE requirements that are in place in order for the policy to be obtained. Here are these requirements:

First and foremost, the required blood and urine sample MUST BE DRAWN IN THE UNITED STATES. Blood and urine samples CANNOT be drawn in your country and shipped to the United States. Blood and urine samples CANNOT be drawn in your country and the results shipped to the United States.

  1. The policy must be for a face amount (“death benefit”) of at least $250,000. This is somewhat greater than the amount required by cryonics organizations currently. However, the extra coverage can be specified to go to your loved ones, favorite charities, or one or more “cryonics trust” arrangements. Additionally, if funding requirements increase for higher technology suspension protocols, it will be helpful to have the extra funding already in place. A higher face amount of life insurance is recommended.
  2. Your complete medical records, for at least the past five years, must be provided by you, either in English or translated to English. The medical records MUST be scanned and emailed to prior to a quote being made. If you have any health problems at all, these records must include doctor's notes, not just a summary.
  3. You must have Internet access with a good connection speed and access to a good printer. The application and illustration documents we will send you via email are 15 pages or more each. Additionally, there are always specialty documents and other transfers of information that must be done, and these must be done on the Internet. However, the application itself, once you print it and complete it, must be sent via Federal Express or some equivalent document service, with a tracking number. In other words, we will email you the application, but you must mail the physical documents back to us. Prior to your trip to the United States, we will need your completed application scanned and emailed to us, to make sure all paperwork is in good order. Scanning and emaiing of this application document should be done at least two weeks prior to your trip to the United States.
  4. You must be in good health, and financially stable. Premiums depend solely on your age, gender, and health status, but will generally be at least $1500 to $3000 US. These must be paid on an annual basis by a certified bank check, cashier’s check, or wire transfer, all payable in US dollars. MONEY ORDERS are not acceptable. The good news is that the policy will accumulate cash value at competitive and very safe rates. Additionally, policies can be structured to be paid off completely over a seven year period or even in a single payment, eliminating the hassle of annual money transfers to your US based insurance company.
  5. In order for me to work with you to obtain this affordable, high quality coverage, however, the big requirement is this: YOU must be financially secure, highly motivated, totally committed to following through on what is requested of you, and FUN and COOPERATIVE to work with.
  6. Obtaining life insurance can be challenging, especially for the exciting but rather unusual purpose of funding cryonic suspension. Your cryonics company must be named as joint owner and full or partial beneficiary. Understanding and complying with ownership and beneficiary requirements of cryonics vendors is often confusing to insurance companies, and most insurance companies will consequently not allow the protocols required by cryonics vendors. Understanding and complying with your cryonics organization requirements is confusing and often simply will not be done by most insurance companies.

Since 1994, I have gone to considerable trouble to obtain and educate some elite, high integrity insurance carriers regarding the protocols and requirements of your cryonics organization. And the companies I use are approved by all cryonics providers. They have the necessary ratings, with all documentation done to rather rigid protocols your cryonics organization requires.

If you understand and can comply with the above requirements, I would be honored to work with you. And I commend you on your wisdom and vision. You are WAY ahead of the curve, participating in perhaps the most exciting experiment in the history of time. I congratulate you! I promise to make this experience as easy and fun as possible.